Sunday, December 7, 2008


I finally met Tatum during the Thanksgiving holiday. Her mom Candace and I have been friends from my first day at college(literally). For the last one year I only saw in pictures how beautiful Tatum was! I was thrilled to finally see her in person. I was eagerly waiting for their arrival and when they got here, Tatum greeted me with her beautiful smile. She was a bundle of joy; I missed her so dearly after they left on Saturday.

I have spent several Thaksgivings and Christmases with Candace and her family. I was ecstatic that Candace, Charles and Tatum were with us this year. The Turkey was delicious for sure, but the company was a precious one. I was thankful for the friendship we shared all these years and I hope to preserve this for many more years to come...

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