Thursday, July 9, 2009

A big move is on the way

It's coming! It's coming! You'll see the fruit if you can wait a few more days! What is it now? It's a part of all the good stuff that are happening to my business. It's one more thing in addition to the new logo, website, etc.

I have a busy weekend ahead. Summer concert in the Bay area, followed by a fabulous e-session in SF is on my plate. But I don't want to leave you here with nothing! Enjoy a few highlights from my recent trip to up North.

Driving to Vancouver from Seattle. By the way, Seattle is one my favorite places. It's in my list of places when I decide to move out of California.

Surrey is a small town in BC right off the US border.

It was our lucky dat in Gas Town, Vancouver. They were having a Jazz festival.

Caught a sight of Mount Rainier from the aeroplane.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Block party in the neighborhood!

This year's 4th of July was like none other in the past. The entire neighborhood(well almost) gathered around the Kirkhill drive to celebrate America's big day. There was meet-n-greet with the new neighbors, food, music, games, face-painting, water-fight, more food and of course, fire works! I was exhausted by the time we called it a night, but it was a day full of extreme fun!!!

Kids enjoyed an afternoon of ball games!
It was a BYOM(bring your own meat) party. Grilling started around 5:30.

That multi-layered jello was fabulous!

And then there was face painting. Kids were all stoked!
Baby Gianni was the newest edition to our neighborhood. He celebrated his very first 4th of July in style. He had two outfits to wear that day, both showed his all American spirit! Trevor rocked it out with a fabulous firework show.
So I say that I am lucky to have such awesome neighbors. Could I have asked for any better?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding in Vancouver

I was just excited to escape the 108-degree temperature in Roseville and fly out to Vancouver for a day and a half. It's the Vancouver, BC I am talking about! I know I should have taken more time off, but the schedule didn't allow me to do so. My cousin in Seattle finally tied the knot with his beautiful bride Lama last weekend. I had the opportunity to be at their wedding, this time as a guest. The weather was unbelievable (if you consider the heat I left behind in Sac!). We actually flew to Seattle and then drove up to BC.

It was a perfect wedding, the food was great, the people there were beautiful and everyone rocked the party at the end. It was an American-Middle Eastern extravaganza. I loved the mixture of cultures, it sort of brought the memory back from my own wedding. As I mentioned I was there as a guest, so found a good spot to sit and took only a few snaps for the B&G.

There was even a performance by the friends, it was a traditional Punjabi dance, only for the bride and groom.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time for a change (or many changes?)

It's here! My new logo is finally here! Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! If you didn't know already, I am in the process of rebranding my business. Creating brand and giving my work a new look has been my business goal for this year. I have lost many nights of sleep brainstorming, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking what would be the simplest representation of me and my work. I had gone through so many designs, but little did I know that it would be so hard to find the right one. Finally, I settled with a logo that is sweet, simple and very iconic to me.

Without any delay I present the new logo of Impressions by Nudrat Photography.....tadaaaa.....

The Butterfly with 'N' has a special meaning to me. I grew up with Bengali culture and always identified butterflies with weddings. Now, I'm in the wedding business, so butterfly is a perfect fit for my work. I wanted a colorful and outdoorsy, yet an elegant feel to it as well. Like I said, I like sweet and simple things, this Logo is just the one that fits me really well.

I'm also very, very excited to launch my new website at this very moment. I loved this new BigFolio site so much that I had to have it! Please check out the cool, new look of my portfolio site.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sparkle search for all your wedding needs

I was browsing through some websites and discovered the existence of Sparkle Search. This is the latest of google's search options dedicated to weddings. Anything you want or need should be here. Check it out.

My new favorite : song of the month

I never knew that I can take a country song so close to my heart. Well this one song deserves it all. Last night I was watching the AI final again. Heard the song "Pretty flowers" from Steve Martin's new album "The Crow", performed by two of the contestants. I instantly fell in LOVE with this song. The words are so sweet and real; so perfect for the people in love. I feel the song so deeply that I want to sing it (or play it to be on the safe side) for the love of life, but I have to wait twenty-five years before I can do that. Why so long? You have to listen to it in order to know it.

Here is the original version by Vince Gill and Dolly Parton. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Backyard bonanza

Last few weeks have been incredibly busy for me. All the photoshoots, editing, book designing aside, I have also been focusing a little bit on the home improvement side. Well, I wasn't really doing much, other than thinking and stressing about what might be going wrong next! Thankfully everything has been going pretty well (fingers crossed) and I didn't have too much to worry about.

If you didn't know already, we purchased our first home last year(yiiipyyyy!!!). It's a great home, but a home without a backyard. (So much for buying a brand new house!). Last year we spent all our time on painting, buying furnitures, decorating rooms and filling up the house with unneccessary junk! This year we decided to just go for the backyard to get it all done. We figured that we could wait forever, or we could just work on it now and enjoy while we can.

Two months ago we finally pulled the trigger and hired a landscape designer(H&M design - website n/a) to plan our dream backyard. He did a brilliant job in designing a backyard that we envisioned. I'm a perfectionist and very particular about certain things, I was very impressed that he was able to nail the design to my taste. For the past two weeks we have had landscapers working really hard on our back (and front) yard. The temperature was really high during the first week of work, but it has cooled down a lot since then. I am just happy that we will be able to go out this summer and enjoy the outdoors.

Here is a picture from a few days ago, when the flagstones were being delivered. It was a quick iPhone snap on our way to work.

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