Thursday, July 9, 2009

A big move is on the way

It's coming! It's coming! You'll see the fruit if you can wait a few more days! What is it now? It's a part of all the good stuff that are happening to my business. It's one more thing in addition to the new logo, website, etc.

I have a busy weekend ahead. Summer concert in the Bay area, followed by a fabulous e-session in SF is on my plate. But I don't want to leave you here with nothing! Enjoy a few highlights from my recent trip to up North.

Driving to Vancouver from Seattle. By the way, Seattle is one my favorite places. It's in my list of places when I decide to move out of California.

Surrey is a small town in BC right off the US border.

It was our lucky dat in Gas Town, Vancouver. They were having a Jazz festival.

Caught a sight of Mount Rainier from the aeroplane.

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