Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding in Vancouver

I was just excited to escape the 108-degree temperature in Roseville and fly out to Vancouver for a day and a half. It's the Vancouver, BC I am talking about! I know I should have taken more time off, but the schedule didn't allow me to do so. My cousin in Seattle finally tied the knot with his beautiful bride Lama last weekend. I had the opportunity to be at their wedding, this time as a guest. The weather was unbelievable (if you consider the heat I left behind in Sac!). We actually flew to Seattle and then drove up to BC.

It was a perfect wedding, the food was great, the people there were beautiful and everyone rocked the party at the end. It was an American-Middle Eastern extravaganza. I loved the mixture of cultures, it sort of brought the memory back from my own wedding. As I mentioned I was there as a guest, so found a good spot to sit and took only a few snaps for the B&G.

There was even a performance by the friends, it was a traditional Punjabi dance, only for the bride and groom.

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ohana photographers said...

3rd image from the bottom = perfection!!

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