Monday, June 9, 2008

Emily + Sage || Engagement

Today we went by the Sacramento river to shoot Sage and Emily's engagement session. I can already tell that Emily is going to be a gorgeous bride! They are getting married in late August at the McKinley Rose garden @ Sacramento. I'm so excited to be their wedding photographer.

Bodie, their puppy, came along to enjoy the shoot with them. We met up at the River Park access area and headed down to water to start the session. They really like the river and come here all the time with Bodie to spend some quality time. Bodie was one happy dog; he just wanted to run out and jump into the water. He looked sooo sad when we were shooting away without him. But, we did get some cool shots of little Bodie with Emily and Sage :)

Here are some more of the beautiful couple -

This one is my fave. The light was beautiful, looks even more dramatic in black and white.

Emily and Sage are artistic people. I had a chance to get a little more creative here. I can't wait for their wedding day to come! Emily & Sage - I hope you guys enjoy these shots ...

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david & kimi baxter said...

oh that sweet sweet light!! love em! love the first shot with the doggie too!

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