Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bains Family

This was another super busy weekend for me. A family session and a wedding kept me occupied through the weekend. Saturday morning I headed out to shoot with the Bains family. It was a beeeuuttiful day! Not too hot, not too cold... just perfect.

I met Gagan, Gurinder, Jaap and little Kaashni at the Gibson Ranch and Park(Antelope) for the first time. Little Kaashni is the newest edition to the family and it was her first official photo shoot. She fell asleep as soon as we started shooting. But she was totally camera ready when she woke up from her beauty nap :) Jaap, the older sister, was so adorable! She was trying really hard to make her little sister smile for the pictures. Her efforts paid off, she was able to make Kaashni smile :))

I realized one more time, how much I love to shoot with the families. The opportunity to capture the family moments is something I enjoy thoroughly. Here are a few teasers for the Bains family. Hope you enjoy!


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

love that last image! the dirt kicked up, the warm light, mmm....perfection!

Jen Stewart Photography said...

Love these Nudrat! The photos are beautiful and you can just feel the love this family has for one another through the photos. You did a perfect job capturing their bond :)

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