Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emily & Sage's wedding slideshow

Finally got done with the slideshow of Emily & Sage's beautiful wedding from a weekend ago. The ceremony took place in the middle of the McKinley rose garden. What a beautiful setting it was! We also went to the Sacramento Capitol Park for pre-wedding formals. If you are not from the area, but visiting Sacramento and wondering where you can go for a photoshoot...go to the Capitol Park! You won't be disappointed. Capitol is one of my favorite spots to shoot in downtown Sac.

Here is the slideshow. All the outdoor images used 100% natural light(I don't use on/off-camera flash if I don't have to). Hope you enjoy.


Eric said...

wow! Great light! Great colors! Look at the detail, Nudrat! AWESOME!

fruitfulwords said...

Wonderful photos. Filled me with great emotions and I don't even know these folks.

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