Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet surprise!

This morning I came into work to find the sweetest gift of the year! There was a sticky office note on my monitor and behind the monitor was this -

(photo from iPhone)

I wish I could post a picture of the note I received! Unfortunately I don't have the liberty of doing so. It all came from my other half, my husband! He brought me what I like the most, beautiful red roses, for our Third wedding anniversary. Along came the sweetest card I had ever received! Nothing(as far as gifts are concerned) makes me happier than beautiful flowers and if they come from that special someone in life then they become even more meaningful!

(photo from iPhone)

I am blessed to have Jason in my life today. I know we will have many many many...years to cherish our love...
Happy Anniversary(Part 1 of 2) my sweetheart!!! I'll wait to see what is yet to come for part dos :)))

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