Sunday, January 4, 2009


One of the great things about having long term friendship is that we get to celebrate the journey of life with our long term friends. We become a part of their joyous occassions like birthdays, weddings, baby births, etc or that of the dreadful moments like mornings before exams!!! Tahseen is one such a friend who I have been sharing my significant moments with. At this point in life I only know that I am going to grow old with her, in a good way of course :)

This post is not about Tahseen or I, but her baby girl Samaira. Almost seven months ago Tahseen and her husband Ahsan brought in a beautiful baby girl to this world. They named her Samaira. Last month I had the priviledge to meet Samaira at their beautiful residence in Atlanta, GA. My heart melted as soon as I saw her. Tahseen has always been a part of me. Now this little munchkin also holds a special place in my heart. Like the meaning of her name, she is enchanting! She is so tiny. She has a way of keeping her arms when someone is holding her. She is very observant like her mother (as I was told) and has the sharp eyes of her dad. She is a darling!

These are a few of my favorites from her session. You can see the slideshow here

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ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

she is such a doll face! love love love the image on the couch.

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